ONE by Paul Smidt

ONE is an original collection of 101 unique 1/1 artworks 

Once ONE big painting, now divided in 101 pieces.

bringing 101 unique buyers together to become ONE. 

If a desired ONE is not listed, please DM me on twitter and I will list for 0.05eth

Aside from artistry, our collection instantly gives a utility never seen on any other NFT.

O.N.E. – Object Non Existence

When all OG NFT’s are minted the original painting will be cut in pieces and build up to a new piece of art.

For phase 1: Each ONE NFT, you buy directly from us, will grant you a 30-day exhibition spot for any NFT on Kunstbrug

PS: take care of your NFT well. Good things coming with next phases.

5,65 x 1,55 m
OG ONE pieces

Partnership announcement



Brought to life by Paul Smidt and XRPaynet

We will be producing NFTS created by real life painter and artist Paul Smidt. Whoever purchases an NFT will receive the real-life artwork directly from the gallery’s walls along with the NFT itself!

FEBRUARY 1st 2023

Now on AsyncArt:

’24 NFT’s in ONE’ Updates each hour in a 24-hour cycle.

AT STAKE by Paul Smidt

is at the moment for review at AsyncArt

Paul Smidt NFTS on Spacibles by Copernic Space

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Planet Earth – wooden sculpture

Serenity on Real Nifty

Paul’s fusion of bright colors & dynamic lines leads to fine abstract pieces that linger in the imagination. These NFTS come with the original artwork

Check out his physical-backed collection ‘Serenity’…

serie – Serenity- by Paul Smidt